About Us

clairVOYANCE Intelligence is a boutique development communication agency that provides niche media training and solutions, strategic communication and development strategies for nonprofits, start-ups, SMEs, corporates and the public sector.

clairVOYANCE was born out of a dire.

clairVOYANCE invites opportunity for clients to thrive. We deliver innovative solutions that takes away challenges and allows individuals to empower themselves. We deploy creative media/communications strategies and sustainable solutions that aid development in public, private and non-governmental sectors.

clairVOYANCE thrives on innovation, Spartan work ethics, and a fine balance of conformity and spontaneity.

Our Service

Strategic Communication

Communication For Development (C4D)

CSR/Social Impact Strategy

Business Development

Social Media Management

Content Strategy

Media Training

Business Solution


Because the client has a need, we have a job to do;

Because the client has a choice, we must be the choice;

Because the client has sensibilities, we must be considerate;

Because the client has urgency, we must be quick;

Because the client is unique, we must be flexible;

Because the client has high expectation, we must excel;

Because the client has clout, we have hope for more clients.


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We are open for business and can be reached via the contacts below or Inquiry Form. Kindly contact us and you can be rest assured that we will process your request in time. Thanks.

Email: douglas@clairVOYANCEIntelligence.com

Phone: +234-806-896-5545